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Journal Testimonials is a platform for the review articles, case reports, original contributions and technical reviews published in the journals European Neurological Review and US Neurology, respectively.

Below is a selection of testimonials provided by members of the journals’ Editorial Boards, contributors and readers.



  • “Many thanks for re-sending the recent editions of European Neurological Review. It is always a pleasure to receive the Journal, especially since it is exceptional in many special features: the unusually large format, the homogeneous layout, which presents the individual articles as a contained unity, and finally the level of the articles themselves. The authors are impressive with their really high level of expertise in presenting the topics in the latest state of the art, in their selection of relevant contents and all this in a form which is comprehensible for non-specialists without stooping to the level of popular medicine.“
    Martin Schumacher
    Professor and Head, Neuroradiology
    University Hospital Freiburg
  • “I have returned from USA two days ago and I found the latest copies of European Neurological Review on my desk. It is an excellent work.”
    Ioannis Milonas
    Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology
    Thessaloniki Medical School, Aristotle University
  • “I am looking through the two latest editions of European Neurological Review at present, and will be taking them on holiday next week for a read. I am very impressed with this journal, and am proud to be associated with it.”
    Leslie J Findley
    Professor and Senior Neurologist
    Essex Neurosciences Unit, Queen's Hospital, Romford
  • “I am really impressed by the quality and out-lay of this issue of European Neurological Review. I shall recommend it to my colleagues.”
    Heinz Reichmann
    Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology and Dean of the Medical Faculty
    University of Dresden Medical School
  • "European Neurological Review has become the forum of reviewing the main topics in European Neurology. European neurologists will be proud to have published in the journal. European Neurological Review has a real chance to develop into an important reference journal."
    Prof. Jozef Opara
    PhD, MD President
    Polish Society of Neurorehabilitation


  • “US Neurology is a lovely production. I especially like the design and appearance of it as this makes its content very accessible and efficient.”
    Arthur Toga
    Professor of Neurology and Director, Laboratory of Neuro Imaging
    University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • “I received the printed copies of US Neurology and as always it looks great. The articles are written at a high level and are well illustrated and referenced.”
    Michael Schulder
    Associate Professor of Surgery (Neurosurgery), Department of Neurosurgery
    The University Hospital, New Jersey Medical School
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